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Success Stories

Michael T.

After being unemployed for over year, and growing more hopeless as each day passed by, Michael came to Passages after being referred to the organization by a friend. This CDL, Class A truck owner/operator, father of two, had explored every avenue for employment after getting into an accident with his 18 wheeler in late 2010 (In the trucking industry, many carriers will not employ a driver until three years after an accident).

Michael successfully completed Passages’ programming in early May of 2011, and through intensive, in class preparation, resume building workshops, and direct employment services, Michael landed a fifteen dollar an hour position as a driver with a transit company in Cleveland the very next week.

A month has passed, and Michael is loving what he is doing. He is on the road, where he loves to be, but the hours allow him to spend time with his wonderful kids, and the paycheck allows him to provide his children with the tools to have a successful future. He calls to check in every other week, and offers Passages any employment opportunities that his company has to offer for other gentlemen within Passages programming.

Michael feels that if he could help someone find employment the way Passages helped him, it is worth the extra time and effort.

William S.

A father of four, William, came to Passages through a referral from CSEA. A former industrial worker, William had fallen on tough times, and was unemployed for over a year, due mostly because of his recent felony conviction, and company’s policies of side stepping ex-formerly incarcerated persons.

William completed Passages’ Job Readiness course in mid-December of 2010, and through extensive, and intensive employment searches by both William and Passages’ team, William was gainfully employed, full time, at a local steel factory as a crane operator by mid-January of 2011.

Today, nearly six months after finding employment, William is still ecstatic about his position at the steel factory, and his ability to provide for his loving family. He calls and checks in once a month, has referred countless others to Passages’ programming, and has become a close friend to the staff members of Passages Incorporated.